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HEALMAX® Products

  • The advanced topical antiseptic for safer more effective control of hoof problems.
  • Safer than formaldehyde for humans and animals.
  • Gets cows back on track fast with visible results beginning in approximately one week.
  • Remains effective in both hot and cold weather.
  • Patented in 10 countries.
  • Available in convenient Spray, Foam, Paste or Footbath Concentrate formulations.

HEALMAX® is ideal for:

  • Dairy producers who have experienced corrosion problems from copper sulfate or formaldehyde.
  • Dairy producers in areas where use of formaldehyde use is banned or limited. 
  • Dairy producers who want a safer footbath for their family, employees, herd, and environment. 

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Available in Spray, Foam, Paste and Footbath Concentrate.