AgroChem, Inc’s Hay & Forage Products Receives EPA Approvals

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AgroChem, Inc. is proud to announce it has received EPA approvals for additional lines its line of hay and feed preservatives. AgroChem’s HayFresh, HayFresh+Plus and ForageGaurd are now EPA compliant for use on corn, feed blends, haylage, and silage including wrapped high-moisture hay and feed blends.

“Receiving these EPA approvals significantly expands the number of uses for our products.” says Rob DeMarco, President of AgroChem, Inc. “Farms can use just one product for multiple feed types. They can be confident that the products are safe for their land and the environment while preserving the value of their hay and feed when in storage.”

AgroChem’s advanced line of chemical formulations used in dry forage preservation, prevent mold and preserve the freshness and color of forages.

Ron Robinson Joins the AgroChem Team

AgroChem Inc. is pleased to announce its recent hire of Ron Robinson, who will join the AgroChem team as Sales Manager. Robinson will focus on new business development opportunities.

“We are very excited to welcome Mr. Robinson to the AgroChem team. He offers many years of experience in the dairy industry,” said DeMarco. “His extensive knowledge of dairy chemicals and improving milk quality will be valuable to our customers and our team.”

Robinson has over 37 years of experience in the dairy industry in everything from dairy chemicals, milk processing and milk quality consulting. He will be instrumental in helping dairy producers to produce the best quality milk according to their unique dairy needs.

AgroChem, Inc. is a leading supplier of various hygiene products for the dairy industry, including hoof care products, teat dips, parlor cleaning chemicals and hay and feed preservatives. For more information, call (518) 226-4850 or visit


New AgroChem Footbath Dosing System Ensures Consistency, Saves Time, and Money and Eliminates Human Error

The Footbath Dosing System from AgroChem, Inc. delivers a precise quantity of pre-mixed footbath concentration at the touch of a button, with no manual measuring or mixing required. The comprehensive, automated system ensures consistency, helps reduce costs, enhances accuracy, improves worker safety and improves overall hoof health.

The system can be programmed for use with two different products, each with its own pump, for use separately or in rotation. For example, producers who want results without formaldehyde may run HEALMAX®, while producers looking to reduce copper sulfate usage may run DURAHOOF.

Other benefits include:

  • Consistent, repeatable results for healthier hooves
  • Optimizing the value of hoof care chemicals, with no more wasted products from inaccurate measuring
  • Reduced costs from flushing and replenishing on a pre-determined schedule
  • Enhanced safety through reduced exposure to dangerous formaldehyde fumes

According to Ben Collopy, a herdsman from Emerlings Dairy in Perry, NY, “The team loves the ease of the Footbath Dosing System. It keeps everyone safe and does a great job of improving hoof health.”

AgroChem, Inc. is a leading supplier of various chemical products for the dairy industry, including hoof care products, teat dips, parlor cleaning chemicals and hay and feed preservatives. For more information, call (518) 226-4850 or visit


DuraHoof Organic Footbath listed for use on organic dairies

DuraHoof OrganicFootbath, a pre-mixed copper sulfate footbath concentrate designed to control most forms of infectious hoof diseases, is listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use on organic livestock operations. It is manufactured by AgroChem, Inc., a leading supplier of chemical solutions for the dairy industry.

OMRI listings are used by organic certifying agents to ensure livestock operations or food processors are in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Dairies certified as organic must meet a broad range of criteria, including sanitation practices, to minimize the occurrence and spread of diseases.

The OMRI listing allows organic operations to utilize the product in accordance with the NOP’s requirements to help reduce the incidence of digital dermatitis and other hoof problems. According to AgroChem President Rob DeMarco, “The OMRI listing ensures organic dairies can use DuraHoof Organic Footbath with confidence to reduce footbath costs and keep their cows’ hooves healthy.”

DuraHoof Organic Footbath is an all-in-one, easy-to-use footbath concentrate that eliminates the need to measure and mix dry copper. The product promotes hoof hardness and kills bacteria associated with infectious hoof diseases, including digital dermatitis. DuraHoof OrganicFootbath combines the ideal amount of copper and HoofMax to remain effective for up to 400 cow passes and help reduce copper loading on land. HoofMax ensures optimal footbath chemistry so that copper ions remain active longer compared to traditional footbaths.

AgroChem, Inc. is a leading supplier of various chemical products for the dairy industry including hoof care products, teat dips, parlor cleaning chemicals and hay and feed preservatives. For more information, visit

Fast Growing Firm Supports Dairy Industry

Fast Growing Firm Supports Dairy Industry

John DeMarco could have retired 11 years ago when his pharmaceutical chemical firm lost its biggest customer, which moved out of state.

Instead, at 55, he began looking around for a need to fill and found it on upstate New York dairy farms.

Starting out from a small rented trailer, just big enough for three people and a tiny lab, he developed two products that greatly improve cows’ foot care, which contributes to increased milk production and greater farm profits.

“Now I think we make more products than any other dairy chemical manufacturer out there,” DeMarco said. “We make hay preservatives, so hay doesn’t become moldy or catch on fire; foot baths, which a lot of other companies don’t make; and a complete line of dairy cleaners and sanitizers.”

AgroChem Relocates to New Production Center

AgroChem, Inc. moved its entire operation - manufacturing facilities, laboratories, administrative offices and all -- to a brand new, 38,000-square foot production center on five acres in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Our new address is more than just a bigger, better space. It's an historic investment in the future of the dairy industry, both here in North America and around the world. With our state-of-the-art production facility designed exclusively for the development and manufacture of dairy chemical products, AgroChem will be better positioned than ever to meet the needs of today's producers and suppliers. Here's why: 

New Advances Make HoofMax® Footbath Additive More Effective and Convenient for Dairy Producers

(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – JULY 7, 2014) In its latest example of product innovation, AgroChem, Inc. has made two new improvements to its HoofMax® additive for copper sulfate footbaths:

•    An advanced surfactant now helps to prepare the surface of the hoof so that copper ions can penetrate and adhere to the horn, improving available copper for killing pathogens and promoting hoof hardness.
•    New dark blue dye makes it easy to identify the product in the container and footbath.
The new and improved HoofMax cleans better than original product, according to early field reports.
HoofMax® by AgroChem, Inc. is the original chemical additive designed to boost copper sulfate potency and remain active in the presence of organic matter. Its highly concentrated formula allows dairy producers to achieve the same level of control with substantially less copper than regular copper sulfate footbaths – up to 80% less.

AgroChem, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of advanced chemical solutions for the dairy industry, including hoof health products, teat dips and sanitizers. For more information, call (518) 226-4850 or visit